Radicalization and U.S. Muslims

Amid the debate over the threat posed by homegrown Islamic terrorism, CFR Associate Staff Writer Jonathan Masters interviewed Mark.  He told CFR “A more aware and educated police officer or agent, who understands and is trained in community-engagement strategies, can certainly go a long way in curbing violent extremism.” Mark pointed out that the Muslim American community is very engaged in trying to help law enforcement thwart terrorism and that tips from that community were the source of information that led to potential terrorist plots in forty-eight our of 120 cased studied.

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Council on Foreign Relations

What triggered Aaron Alexis to go on a shooting spree?

Fox News reporter Bill Hemmer interviewed Mark about the Washington Navy Yard active shooter rampage.  Mark explained the Navy Yard is a business center and explained the incident was an insider-threat issue, not a terrorist incident.

Murder of US general raised questions about insider attacks in Afghanistan

Mark was interviews on Fox News by Shepherd Smith after an Army general was ambushed and killed and eight other American soldiers were wounded by an Afghan soldier, raising concerns about insider attacks in Afghanistan.  Mark explained that the challenges conducting an investigation in hostile non-permissive environment.  Mark expressed concerns over the insider-threat and cautioned against downsizing counterintelligence and force protection assets, as we downsize the larger forces there.

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Fox News

Using Science to Improve the Practice of Interviewing and Interrogation

Mark co-authored an article published in Police Chiefs Magazine about how research can improve the practice of interrogation and how the research studies offer an unprecedented perspective on the challenges, successes and mediations of overcoming resistance and collecting important information from non-cooperative sources.

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IACP Police Chief Magazine

Retired Military Leaders Speak Out Against Torture Ahead of Nevada Caucus

With a Number of Presidential Candidates Voicing Support of Torture Methods, New Statement Reminds Americans that Torture is Illegal, Counterproductive and Detrimental to National Security.

Mark and retired United States Marine Corps Commandant General Charles C. Krulak explain lawful, rapport-based interrogation techniques continue to be the most effective way to elicit actionable intelligence and how torture makes Americans less safe by increasing the risks to our troops, hindering cooperation with allies, alienating populations whose support the US needs and providing propaganda for our enemies.

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