This site highlights Mark Fallon's:
  ♦  31 years of government service:
•  2 years as a Deputy U.S. Marshal
•  27 years as an NCIS Special Agent  
•  2 years as a DHS Senior Executive 
  ♦  Ongoing career as an independent consultant, author, speaker, and subject matter expert on terrorism and international security
  ♦  Strategic Consulting Firm, ClubFed, LLC
  ♦  New book, "Unjustifiable Means" -- now available for pre-order
 About Mark -- from Special Agent to Int'l Consultant

Information about Mark: his career as a federal agent, counterintelligence officer, counterterrorism official, researcher, consultant, strategist and national security professional.  Summaries, details plus "Then" and "Now" photos.

Book - Unjustifiable Means

Unjustifiable Means is in the final editing stage and is available for pre-order now. Click on the image above for: a summary of the book and a bit of background;  pre-order Links; and contact information for media inquiries.

Speaker - Keynote, Motivational, Informational

Information about Mark's role as a keynote, motivational, and informational speaker. Mark uses his 30+ years of experience and subject matter expertise to provide conference/meeting audiences with customized, interesting, in-depth information and analyses.

Media / Events - Media Interviews, Articles, Videos

Multimedia about Mark.  Interviews with and articles by broadcast news and journalists -- CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, BBC, Huff Post, Politico, NY Times, Straits Times, Al Jazeera, etc.  Conference presentations and panel participation -- INTERPOL, U.N., U.S. Senate, WINx, etc. Also, Mark's published op-ed pieces.

ClubFed, LLC

Information about ClubFed, LLC.  Learn more about the high-quality, strategic consulting services Mark and his associates provide to international and domestic clients in both the public and private sectors.