Career Summary: THEN -- Federal Agent  ..........  NOW -- International Security Consultant

This page summarizes Mark's two distinctly different careers:  his former career as a federal agent;  his current career in the private sector as an international security consultant, author, speaker, and subject matter expert on terrorism and international security.

The photo sliders provide moment-in-time looks at events/places in Mark's careers.  Below the sliders are brief career summaries.  See the Career Details page for a more detailed look at his work, accomplishments, awards, media appearances, published articles about him and by him, his company (ClubFed, LLC), and his book (Unfustifiable Means).

THEN  --  Federal Agent 
NOW  --  International Security Consultant
Career Summary -- Federal Agent
Prior to entering the private sector, Mark spent 31 years as a federal agent, counterintelligence officer, counterterrorism operator and national security professional.
Mark began his federal law enforcement career in 1979 with the U.S. Marshals Service in Newark, New Jersey. Mark worked judicial security, prisoner transport, serving indictments and assisting in fugitive operations and witness security matters.
In 1981, Mark transferred to NCIS and spent the next 27 years traveling the globe as an NCIS special agent, including serving as the NCIS Deputy Assistant Director for Counterterrorism, Director of the NCIS Training Academy, and Chief of Counterintelligence Operations for the Europe, Africa and Middle East Division.  Mark has been involved in some of the most significant terrorism investigations in U.S. history and has received a number of awards and medals for his services and innovations. 
The best summary of Mark's NCIS career and his accomplishments was provided by NCIS Deputy Director Ralph Blincoe at Mark's NCIS retirement ceremony in 2008.
Mark spent his last two years of government service with the Department of Homeland Security as a Senior Executive and the Assistant Director for Training - FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center).
See the Career Details page for more information.
Career Summary -- International Security Consultant
Mark Fallon is an international security specialist, author and keynote speaker on combating terrorism, violent extremism, counterintelligence, criminal investigations, and interviewing strategies to obtain accurate and reliable information. He is a leading authority on terrorism and international security matters.
Mark has appeared on national and international news media programs as a subject matter expert.  He has also appeared in National Geographic documentaries.  He has authored articles that have been published by various news organizations and articles have been written about him in news publications.  Mark is a keynote speaker and presenter at security conferences.  He participates in numerous panels and serves on industry boards and committees.  See later sections for more details.
Mark is the author of Unjustifiable Means -- The Inside Story of How the CIA, Pentagon, and US Government Conspired to Torture, published on October 24, 2017 by Regan Arts, LLC, - a Phaidon Global Company.  The book highlights some important events in Marks career as an NCIS special agent and is the inside story of the leadership challenges he faced trying to bring terrorists to justice, while protecting their rights and adhering to his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.
Mark is the Director of ClubFed, LLC -- a company he founded. ClubFed serves clients in both the public and private sectors and in the academic and legal communities.
Mark specializes in providing clients with strategic consulting services in crisis incident management, risk assessment, mitigation, insider threats, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, strategy development, witness suspect interviews, hostage negotiations, human trafficking, communications, training, and related areas.