Mark's Credentials

Author -- "Unjustifiable Means"

The inside story of how the CIA, Pentagon, and US Government conspired to torture and made us less safe.

Speaker -- Keynote, Motivational

Small groups to large conferences

Consultant and Subject Matter Expert

Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, International Security, Crisis Management, Negotiations, Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Insider Threats, Interrogation Professional, Witness-Subject Interviews, Violent Extremism, and related Issues

US Government Service - 31 yrs

• Deputy US Marshal - 2 yrs

Judicial Security; Serving Indictments; Fugitive Operations; Witness Security

NCIS Special Agent - 27 yrs

Deputy Commander, DOD Criminal Investigation Task Force; SAIC; Chief of Counterintelligence Operations - Europe, Africa, Middle East Division; Commander, USS Cole Task Force; Undercover Agent; Asset Handler; Dir., NCIS Training Academy

• Senior Executive, DHS - 2 yrs

Department of Homeland Security: Assistant Director, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)

Director, ClubFed, LLC

Advises clients on policies, strategies, and security-related issues



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Mark Fallon

Unjustifiable Means

The book the US Government doesn't want you to read.

Delves deep into the illegal, immoral, and failed US Government-sanctioned torture policies. The book identifies those in authority who enabled and condoned the use of torture and other human rights abuses. It also identifies those individuals and leaders who, under enormous pressure, displayed integrity and courage in standing against torture and human degradation as an instrument of warfare.

About Mark -- from Special Agent to Int'l Consultant

Information about Mark -- his career as a federal agent, counterintelligence officer, counterterrorism official, researcher, consultant, strategist and national security professional.  Contains summaries, details, plus "Then" and "Now" photos.

Book - Unjustifiable Means

Unjustifiable Means was published on October 24, 2017  and is available in bookstores and online. Click on the image above for: a summary of the book; some background;  order links; and contact information for media inquiries.

Speaker - Keynote, Motivational, Informational

Information about Mark's role as a keynote, motivational, and informational speaker. Mark uses his 30+ years of experience and subject matter expertise to provide conference/meeting audiences with customized, interesting, in-depth information and analyses. Contains a list of organizations for whom Mark has provided keynote speeches, talks, and presentations.

Events - Media Interviews, Articles, Videos

Multimedia about Mark.  Interviews with and articles by broadcast news and journalists -- CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, BBC, Huff Post, Politico, NY Times, Straits Times, Al Jazeera, etc. Conference presentations and panel participation -- INTERPOL, U.N., U.S. Senate, WINx, etc. Also, Mark's published op-ed pieces.

ClubFed, LLC

Information about ClubFed, LLC.  Learn more about the high-quality, strategic consulting services Mark and his associates provide to international and domestic clients in both the public and private sectors.