Unjustifiable Means:

The Inside Story of How the CIA, Pentagon, and US Government Conspired to Torture

The book the US Government doesn't want you to read.

"Unjustifiable Means" delves deep into the illegal, immoral, and failed US Government-sanctioned torture policies. The book identifies those in authority who enabled and condoned the use of torture and other human rights abuses. It also identifies those individuals and leaders who, under enormous pressure, displayed integrity and courage in standing against torture and human degradation as an instrument of warfare.

“Unjustifiable Means” provides detailed insider information on the government’s decision to implement “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” (EIT) - TORTURE - and the backchannels and deception employed to legalize EIT methods and hide them from the public’s view. Hard-hitting, raw, and explosive, “Unjustifiable Means” exposes those who were responsible for the torture program. It also identifies the heroes who risked their careers to oppose torture and the leadership challenges they faced trying to bring terrorists to justice while protecting human rights – and upholding the US Constitution they swore an oath to defend and protect. By casting a defining light on one of America’s darkest periods, the book serves as a cautionary tale for those who wield the power to reinstate torture. (ReganArts 2017)

"Mark Fallon is precisely the type of official that our nation most values when facing a threat." --- Alberto Mora, former General Counsel, Department of the Navy; Associate Executive Director for Global Programs and Director, Global Rule of Law Initiative, American Bar Association

Mark Fallon

US Government Service - 31 yrs

Senior Executive, DHS - 2 yrs

Department of Homeland Security: Assistant Director, Federal
Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)

NCIS Special Agent - 27 yrs

Deputy Assistant Director for Counterterorism

Deputy Commander, DOD Criminal Investigation Task Force

Special Agent In Charge (SAIC)

Chief of Counterintelligence Operations - Europe, Africa, Middle
East Division

Commander, USS Cole Task Force

Undercover Agent

Asset Handler

Director, NCIS Training Academy

Deputy US Marshal - 2 yrs

Judicial Security; Serving Indictments; Fugitive Operations;
Witness Security

International Security Consultant

Co-Editor & Contributing Author

Interrogation and Torture:

Integrating Efficacy with Law and Morality

This volume delves into interrogation and torture at a unique moment as significant developments continue to unfurl: 1) emerging scientific research into the most effective interrogation techniques; 2) efforts to integrate this science and practice into international law. Contributors present key elements of the burgeoning research and authors explore their impacts on other fields. Most noteworthy, this knowledge and science is being brought to bear on the realm of international law as the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture launched an initiative at the close of his mandate in 2016 to create a Universal Protocol to set standards for non-coercive interviewing. Universal Protocols on Investigative Interviewing (Scheduled to be published by Oxford University Press 2019)

Contributing Author

The Psychology of Criminal Investigation:

From Theory to Practice

Offers an overview of models of investigation from a psychological and practical view point, covering topics such as investigative decision making, the presentation of evidence, witness testimony, the detection of deception, interviewing suspects and evidence-based police training. It is essential reading for students, researchers and practitioners engaged with police practice, investigation and forensic psychology. (Routledge 2018)

Director, ClubFed, LLC

Assists clients with strategies, policies and activities relating to national
security and public safety.

Expert in criminal investigations, counterintelligence and counterterrorism.

Global authority on interrogation, investigative interviewing and ethical leadership.

Past-Chair of the U.S. Government’s High Value Detainee Interrogation Group Research Committee.(HIG)

Chair of the IMPACT Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

International expert on a global Steering Committee to develop a set of guidelines on non-coercive, scientifically grounded, investigative interviewing standards, and attendant legal procedural safeguards.

Consultant — Subject Matter Expert — Keynote Speaker

Interrogation professional -- Suspect, witness, victim interviews

Detection and Deception -- Credibilty Assessment -- Cognitive Interview

Counterterrorism -- Counterintelligence -- Criminal Investigation

Leading During Crisis -- Crisis Management -- Crisis Negotiations

Risk assessment and mitigation -- Insider Threat

Strategic Analysis -- Field Research -- Countering Violent Extremism

Scientific Methods of Assessing Reliability and Truth (SMART) investigative interviewing

Expert witness

Book - Unjustifiable Means

Unjustifiable Means was published on October 24, 2017 and is available in bookstores and online. Click on the image above for: a summary of the book; some background;  order links; and contact information for media inquiries.

Book - Interrogation and Torture

Interrogation and Torture is ...................................
Click on the image above for: a summary of the book; some background;  order links; and contact information for media inquiries.

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